Episode 14

Reflection & Intention


July 3rd, 2024

1 hr 2 mins 51 secs

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About this Episode

This episode begins with a discussion of the role of dreams and quickly moves on to our issues with contemporary education in both university and high school contexts. Before long, we settle down into a discussion about Tobias’ intentions for an upcoming ayahuasca ceremony, and consider ideas of discipline and maintaining a clean and unpolluted body.

We venture into some controversial realms; for instance, thinking about whether we can legitimately call psychiatrists “glorified drug-dealers”, and whether prescribing anti-depressant medication might actually be taking autonomy away from people and preventing them from following through in a process that might lead to growth...

(As always, we remind listeners to take anything we say we a grain of salt— we are speculating here about the world around us, and we are open to be challenged and critiqued on anything we say).

Tobias reflects on the profound realisation that there might be something in the world smarter than him. And finally, after much probing and prodding, he elaborates upon what can be thought of as an “embodied” approach to plant medicines.



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Music for the show by Si Mulumby

A Glimpse of Eternity by Alejandro Tuama

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