Episode 2

Take it easy, dude...


November 22nd, 2023

48 mins 40 secs

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About this Episode

Episode 2 — “Take it easy, dude…”

In this episode we take seriously, the late, great Terence McKenna’s famous words: “Take it easy, dude… but take it!”

Tune in as we discuss our preparation process for a so-called “hero’s” dose of psilocybin mushrooms, taken in the manner advised by the man himself, as “five dried grams in silent darkness.”

The conversation starts with our reasons for undertaking a high-dose psychedelic journey in the first place.

We discuss how psychedelics can help us to remember something of the sacred when we get lost in the daily grind. We compare notes on our own personal preparations— including specific diets and abstinences. And we outline our intentions for the ceremony.

And from there the conversation undergoes many twists and turns through soul, self, creativity, and sexuality.

We hope you enjoy the episode.

*Please note: *
The Altered Mates have been engaging in ceremonial psychedelic use for over 10 years. We have each sought out experienced and trusted guides, and are always careful to put in place systems that safeguard our physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

We do not suggest that psychedelics are appropriate for everyone. But for those who choose to use them, we strongly recommend great caution and great care, and consideration for psychological, emotional as well legal factors specific to your context.

The safest way to undertake a psychedelic journey is in legal contexts, under careful supervision from experienced and qualified guides.


Arne Rubenstein — Rites of Passage Institute

Jamie Wheel — Recapture the Rapture

Frank Herbert — Dune


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