Episode 4

Understanding ourselves through Internal Family Systems


December 20th, 2023

51 mins 48 secs

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About this Episode

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a model of the mind where the basic assumption is that the human mind can be divided into a number of sub-personalities, known as “parts”. Ideally, each of these sub personalities work in harmony, with a central “Self” leading the system. According to the model, as we grow and develop throughout our lives, our sub-personalities, or “parts”, also grow and develop a complex system of interactions among themselves.

In keeping with our ongoing pursuit of experiences that can help to shape and mould our developing models and philosophies, the Altered Mates sought out a skilled IFS therapist to guide us through this therapeutic process. IFS therapy can often feel like an altered state as it involves an experiential deep dive into the living mystery of our inner system.

Tobias & Alejandro share some very personal reflections, speculating on Freud’s Id Ego Superego model, as well as the Fight / Flight, and Freeze / Friend model, based on the work of Dr. Simon Martin.

Clinicians in this space often talk about clients who have spontaneous IFS processes with psychedelics - without prior exposure to this form of therapy - suggesting this model is reflecting something very real about our internal machinations - an aliveness to this system of parts within us, not entirely unlike the film “Inside Out”.

The relationships between IFS and psychedelics are manyfold, and we invite you into a reflection on their differences, similarities and potential synergies as you listen in.



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Music for the show by Si Mulumby.